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Drama serial Turkish Nur and He Synopsis Between New Episodes

Drama serial Turkish Nur and He Synopsis Between New Episodes - Synopsis between Nur and the latest he has begun to emerge for lovers of drama Turkey. Elif emergence as the first Turkish drama that aired on one of the private national television serial drama make Turkey started much in demand by the people of Indonesia. During 2015 many Turkish drama that aired on various television stations Indonesia include between Nur and He. Until entering the 2016 romantic drama is still in demand by lovers of drama Turkey.

Turkey's romantic drama is already almost a year aired on national television. There have been many that have emerged synopsis per episode and a synopsis Between Nur and He is the latest episode that has emerged. Between the many fans of the drama series Nur and he was very forward to welcoming the next episode. For lovers of drama Turkey this one must be familiar with the famous actor who has a handsome face that Tolgahan Sayisman. He is a winner of the prestigious Model Manhunt International held in 2015. In this drama Tolgahan will be accompanied by Amine Gulse which is representative of Turkey at the prestigious Miss Universe 2014.

Synopsis Between Nur and He is the latest episode tells the story of a man named Yigit (Tolgahan Sayisman), before he was a man who did not have anything. But his life changed when he started trying to become a businessman. His efforts began to be successful, and now he has become a wealthy businessman. Career, Yigit arguably unlucky, but not with his soul mate. He must be willing arranged marriage by the son of his aunt named Iclal (Safar Pekdemir). Not wanting memperunyam problem, Yigit did not refuse and were willing to marry Iclal though in his heart there is no love. Marriage between Yigit and Iclal has been blessed with a child.

Undergoing households without love, makes Yigit wanted to divorce his wife. Yigit heard the statement, Iclal better to die than to be divorced by Yigit. Decisions made Iclal make Yigit dissuade, and they still remain united even without any sense of love and affection. Her son was growing up, everything dipunya Yigit was devoted only to his son. Yigit but still can not keep living with people who are not loved. Every now and then he threw the word divorce to his wife, but still do not want to be divorced Iclal and threatening to commit suicide. This problem makes Iclal fatal accident which made him in a coma for 3 years. Synopsis Between Nur and He is the latest episode is very good indeed, many heartbreaking events in it.

When many problems come up, Nur (Amine Gulse) started to come in life Yigit. Nur is a pretty village girl who speculate to Istanbul. In Istanbul it is a meeting place Nur and Yigit. Nur began to look for work and get a job at home Yigit. Since Nur work at home Yigit, it Yigit has fallen in love with him. Unfortunately, Yigit did not dare open her identity married with Iclal. Finally they both undergo a forbidden love, and when Yigit and Nur decided to get married, Iclal back out of the coma length. Synopsis Between Nur and the most recent episode he was very curious fans, and how the continuation of a love triangle Yigit? tayangannya waiting back at the beginning of 2016.

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